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Terms and Conditions of

I. Introduction

  1. Prior to making any booking, you must read the terms and conditions laid by as it contains important information with respect to your legal rights, remedies, and duties. These comprise various limitations and exclusions, a condition that controls the jurisdiction and venue disputes and responsible to comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Mainly the property owners should understand how the rules and regulations work in their respective cities. Some cities have laws that confine their ability to the accommodation service provider paying the travelers for short period. In many cities, the accommodation service provider should register, get the permission, or get the license prior to listing a property or accepting requests from the travelers. The local government can vary in defining how they enforce the laws. Before listing a property on, the accommodation service provider must go through the local laws. offers an online platform that connects the accommodation service provider to provide a listing to the traveler. These services can be accessed by the travelers as applications for mobile, tablet, and other smart devices. While accessing this website, these terms and conditions are between the travelers and Here, on this website, the term accommodation implies residential and other properties. Also, the term content means the content made available through the site, application, or services. This includes any content licensed to the third party. The term guest means traveler who is interested in availing the services offered by the accommodation service providers through our platform. While accessing the website, you give a consent to comply with and be legally bound with the terms and conditions whether or not you are the registered user. These terms and conditions manages the access and use of the website, application, or services. Ensure you also read the Privacy Policy of the If you do not agree to the terms and conditions you have no right to obtain the data or otherwise use the website, application, or service. Failure to accessing the website, application, or services with respect to the terms and conditions may subject to civil and criminal penalties. The website, application, or services comprise an online platform with the help of which the accommodation service providers may define listings and travelers should learn how to book accommodation directly. You should understand that is not a party to any agreements defined between the traveler or accommodation service provider. Also, is not a real estate, broker, or agent and has no control over the activities of accommodation service providers, travelers, or other users of the website, application, or services. While defining a listing on, you should understand that your relationship between is limited to a member and an independent, third party contractor. does not have any control or right to control your listing, offline activity, or any other matter related to any listing provided by you. As a member of you give a consent that you do not give a false impression that you are endorsed by, partner with, or act on behalf of any entity or for the benefit of including by inappropriately using the intellectual property. While accessing or using the website, application, or service, downloading or posting any content on the website, you imply that you have given the consent to the terms and conditions even if you are not registered with the website or application. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, then you do not have the right to access or use the website.

II. Making the modifications on the Website

  1. reserves the right to modify the content of the website, application, or services. The modifications can be made any time and without prior notification. After making any changes in the terms and conditions, we will either update the modifications on the website or provide its users with the notification about the modifications. Also, the Last Updated date will be updated on the website. After updating the modifications on the website or sending you the notification, we assume that you are accepting the updated terms and conditions.

III. Eligibility

  1. The access for the website is solely intended for the persons above the age of 18 years. Any access or use to the website is highly prohibited by anyone under the age of 18years. In other words, if you are using the website, it implies that you are above the age of 18years. While registering to the website you need to specify certain details such as your full name, date of birth, which can be used by us to verify that you are above the age of 18years.

IV. No Endorsement

  1. does not endorse any member, listing, or accommodation. It should be noted that the verified images uploaded are only for the purpose that a pictorial representation of the accommodation. Therefore, the verified images are not endorsed by As per these terms and conditions, travelers are required to provide accurate information. To prevent any sort of fraudulent activity or to maintain transparency, we can ask you to provide a government identity. The access to the website, application, or services to a traveler indicates that the relevant information or identification process has been completed. Also, regarding the payment made online by the travelers, the accommodation service providers are responsible in case of any fraudulent activity conducted. The calculator provided online on the website of at times does not provide accurate results; therefore, you should not accept the calculations made by it. allows to make the travelers booking with the accommodation service providers who may prefer to pay in a currency that may vary from the destination currency. also allows its customers to view the prices of the listings in the currency format of their choice. You should keep in mind these points regarding the currency conversion, including the associated fees. As a traveler you are expected to leave the accommodation in the condition that it was at your arrival. The security deposit with each listing must be mentioned on the and therefore you should ensure the security deposit is made. In case of any damage made by the travelers, the damage claim for a confirmed booking of accommodation must also be mentioned so that it can be paid at the time of booking. Ensure prior to confirming the booking, you must have read the terms and conditions.

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